Dahab Egypt, Camel Camp

Let’s see the best things to do in Dahab, Egypt and around Egypt. There is so much to do in Dahab whether you have a day, a week or a month. There is so much to see and experience in Dahab, so we have tried to develop an itinerary that best combines the time to stroll around the city or relax by the pool. Before this special diving excursion, you will spend the day diving at local dive sites in Dahab.

Here your trusty camel picks up your snorkeling gear and you head north along the coast to the more remote diving spots that Dahab has to offer. Some of the must-see dive sites in Dahab are the Canyon, the Bells, the famous SS Thistlegorm shipwreck and Gabr el-Bint reef. While specific dive sites vary depending on your interests and abilities, the Blue Hole is a world famous Blue Hole. The Blue Hole is the most visited of all dive sites in Dahab. This deep dive site can be reached via the bells as the currents always flow from north to south.

It is best to dive into the Blue Hole in the morning, before other divers arrive, as this is the only dive site in Dahab that is crowded. Canyon – near Dahab Dahab, this dive site is an open underwater cave at a depth of 14-22 meters underwater. Both the Canyon and the Blue Hole are good technical diving spots as they will most likely be your first dive of the day. In the afternoon, various shore dives are suitable for the third dive of the day, and on the full moon of the week you can do night dives without a flashlight.

Another great full-day tour option is the Canyon and Blue Hole Day Trip from Dahab Canyon. This tour offers you the choice of jeep or camel for transfer from your hotel in Dahab to the Blue Hole. We can organize jeep, camel or walking safaris that can last from one to several days.

Of course, we need camels again to carry our scuba gear and equipment, but I want to walk so I can take pictures. After breakfast, we will do another big dive before loading our equipment onto the camels. Transfer Return to the coast. There are many different ways to get to the coast from St. Catherine through desert wadis, riding camels and walking in places where camels cannot carry people or when you want to.

You will then take a 30-minute camel ride to a Bedouin home for lunch. Not only will you visit the Ghazala Valley, Mushroom Rocks, Enclosed Canyons and White Canyons by camel, you will also have the opportunity to camp in the desert and experience true Bedouin hospitality. This tour will take you on a camel ride to the Sinai desert to see the White Canyon, the oasis of Ein Khudra, and then enjoy a Bedouin lunch. A day trip to Mount Sinai from Dahab gives you the choice of sunrise or sunset over Mount Sinai, and you’ll get a guided tour of St. Catherine’s Monastery.

A visit to the Sinai Peninsula would not be complete without a stop in Dahab. After all, Dahab is ideally located next to the Red Sea and the Sinai Desert. To the north of Dahab, between the desert mountains and the sea, is Ras Abu Galum. A charming seaside town in the southeastern part of the Sinai Peninsula, idyllically nestled between desert mountains, ancient palm gardens and the Red Sea.

It includes a wide variety of shops, dive clubs, cafes, campsites and hotels. Popular points of interest near the bed and breakfast include Sinai Divers & Backpackers, Red Divers Club and Oxygene Diving Center.

While in Dahab, you will need to visit the many cute cafes along the beach. It’s easy to find restaurants that serve alcohol, and Dahab also has several liquor stores offering a variety of wines and spirits from around the world. Since Dahab is home to expats from Europe and welcomes visitors from all over the world, there is plenty to choose from where to dine.

In recent years, the development of hotels in the Medina area has brought in a wider range of tourists, many of whom visit Dahab specifically for surfing, windsurfing, diving, kite surfing, sailing and other activities. Most of the people who visited Dahab in the past were tourists interested in diving and snorkeling in the Red Sea. Once a Bedouin fishing village, Dahab is today considered one of the most popular diving destinations in Egypt.

From a Bedouin fishing village, Dahab gradually evolved into the cozy hotspot it is today. However, according to local Bedouins, the word Dahab has a different origin. The name may also be a reference to the color of the sands south of the country itself. The word Dahab comes from the fact that one could easily lose track of time while there as the days started to flow together.

On the way back to Dahab, I feel like I’ve been expelled from heaven. I’m diving in Dahab when my friend tells me I just have to dive in and camp at Ras Abu Galum.

Over the next few days, unusual colors will merge into one dive site in Dahab. Departure from Dahab at 08:00 and an hour drive to see the White Canyon. However, certification takes 3 to 4 days to complete, so you’ll need time to dive into some of Dahab’s main dives before heading out.

We can organize camel safaris in Ras Abu Gallum from minimum 2 people up to large groups if you want a different experience for your dive club during your stay in Dahab. Trips to Ras Abu Galum on an expedition; Camel and diving in the superb pristine coral reef is an unforgettable and incredible experience. Camel safaris are the perfect way to experience small dive sites and get to know a small part of Bedouin nomadic life. From the Blue Hole in Dahab, the last five kilometers you ride a camel to the Ras Abu Galum Marine and Nature Reserve.

Along Wadi Khodra, we took the camels first to Mushroom Rock and then to the Enclosed Canyon. We will take you on a 4×4 jeep ride to the wonderful Arad Canyon, also known as the Twin Canyon because there are two branches from the same entrance.

Masbat (in Dahab) is a popular diving destination and there are many (over 50) dive centers located in Dahab. I highly recommend staying within walking distance of the main promenade so you can walk to all the cafes, bars and restaurants that Dahab has to offer.

You will also find men near restaurants selling fresh fish that may have come from the reef. It is possible to eat fish from coral reefs, which is apparently forbidden in Egypt, at local seafood restaurants. Dahab is the best kitesurfing spot in Egypt with over 280 wind days.

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