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For the past eight months, all I’ve been doing is diving into the beautiful Dahab, Egypt. I am a regular travel blogger and until I arrived in beautiful Dahab, I have been constantly on the go for the last four years. After a relaxing week in Sharm El Sheikh Sharm El Sheikh I was ready to dive into the Red Sea all the way to Dahab, so I went to Egypt first. That’s how I fell in love with the bohemian Bedouin beach town of Dahab, tucked away in a quiet corner of the Sinai Peninsula.

After all, Dahab is the center of some of the most fabulous places in the Egyptian Sinai Peninsula. Dahab Paradise Hotel is located on the shores of the Red Sea. It features an outdoor restaurant with panoramic views of Mount Sinai.

Whether you’re a luxury traveler or a backpacker, Dahab has something for those looking for a relaxing city that offers great adventure. Lack of tourists encourages local marine life and coral reefs to return to a great place; prices for accommodation and meals are the most affordable; with near-perfect year-round water temperatures, favorable wind conditions and mild winters, Dahab has been and still is is a secret paradise.

From a Bedouin fishing village, Dahab gradually evolved into the cozy hotspot it is today. Historically, Dahab was a summer stopover for nomadic Bedouin tribes during the warmer months, and later became part of the old Middle Eastern hippie trail and Israeli kibbutz in the 1970s, and some of that independent feeling has been retained, although the trail from Sharm El Sheikh has evolved on the road, and beach cafes and diving centers have multiplied.

When it comes to Egypt, most people think of the pyramids, crowded Cairo, or mega resorts on the Red Sea like Sharm El Sheikh, while Dahab is something else, more introverted and relaxed. With a population of Egyptians and Bedouin (much fewer tourists), the city of Dahab seems to be very culturally diverse and offers a better understanding of what Egypt really is like. The local public market, herds of goats frolicking in the streets, Bedouin camels riding on the beach, and the lack of luxury, spotless hotels all give Dahab a real feel, rather than something like Sharm El Sheikh’s staged tourist atmosphere. The centre of Dahab is a 15-minute walk from this design hotel. Here guests will find many tourist attractions.

Dahab Paradise Hotel is located along the coast of Dahab. There are many diving sites nearby. Dahab Paradise Hotel offers a wide range of services to make your stay enjoyable. With a prime location in Dahab, the Dahab Paradise Hotel has access to everything the city has to offer right outside your door.

The U-shaped architecture of Dahab Paradise Hotel offers beautiful views of the Gulf of Aqaba and the Red Sea from every room. Gulf Paradise Hotel is located in Dahab, next to the beach, 60 meters from Oxygene Diving Centre. It offers various facilities such as a restaurant, a bar and a garden.

Enjoy a meal at the restaurant or stay in your room and take advantage of the 24-hour room service at the Dahab Paradise Hotel in St. Catherine. There are no super-expensive hotels or accommodation in Dahab, which means you can get luxury at a much lower price. There are many accommodation options in Dahab, from base camps to beach hotels and from PS5pp.

To book, first check with your accommodation and if they can’t make a recommendation, you can do so while in Dahab. Here’s how to spend 3 days in Dahab to determine if you need more time. Now that you know how to spend 3 days in Dahab, here are some more posts to help you plan your time in and around Egypt. If you are in the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt, you need to plan at least 3 days in Dahab.

Allow enough time to get from Dahab to Sharm El Sheikh Airport. At the end of your 3 days in Dahab, you will probably need to travel to Sharm El Sheikh to fly. After a good night’s sleep, it’s time to make the most of your last 3 days in Dahab.

There are many options in Dahab, but I highly recommend climbing Mount Sinai and snorkeling or snorkeling at the Blue Hole. You can go on camel trekking and camp on a secluded beach at night, hike the mountain trails around Dahab and the Blue Hole, take a day trip by bus to visit St. expedition inland.

Dive centers like Red Sea Relax Dahab charge as low as 22 to 35 euros per case, so there’s no better reason to dive. From Red Sea Relax Dahab to Blue Ocean Freedivers, Dahab offers a wide variety of freediver gear and is considered a freediver training mecca for the budget-conscious traveler.

A diving centre in beautiful Dahab is currently sponsoring and installing an underwater museum at the lighthouse that will feature giant statues and a giant metal elephant made from local scrap metal and car parts. In the endless search for seahorses in the beautiful Red Sea of ​​Dahab, something new and interesting is sure to be seen. Faro, you can do shore diving directly from the center of Dahab (just a short walk from the Red Sea Relax Dahab dive center) Red Sea Relax Dahab doesn’t have all the points of the other two sites (except the very curious – wrasse – who live here often Napoleon), but the lighthouse has underwater sculptures of Poseidon and a giant elephant, which are easy to dive and perfect for ending a long day.

Dahab isn’t a hidden gem – it’s one of the few places in Egypt where truly independent travelers live. Dahab is a special place, a friendly and chaotic cultural meeting point, where Egyptians and local Bedouins mingle with tourists from all over the world. Dahab also offers great recreational activities such as hiking, rock climbing and desert camping. Located 85 kilometers north of Sharm El Sheikh, the resort offers digital nomads a vibrant community, recreational activities, co-working spaces and more.

On rest days, if you visit the lively beach cafes around the Lighthouse or Eel Garden in Dahab and arrive early, you can get a sun lounger by the water for free if you buy some food (usually PS5-10) and few drinks during the day. The most I spent on eating out in Dahab was around $15-$20 for a meal at the Divers Urge hotel restaurant. I spent a whole week in Dahab, staying two days after Kat returned to England, and I could easily double that time.

Just like the golden mountains and panoramic views of the Gulf of Aqaba surrounding this design hotel; the palm garden and natural colors of the interiors will not leave guests indifferent.

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