Dahab Egypt, Red Sea

If you want to dive into the Red Sea without an all-inclusive tour package, Dahab is the best place in Egypt. I came to Dahab almost exclusively for diving in the Red Sea and highly recommend the Red Sea Leisure Resort. Overlooking the bay, this charming 3-star Red Sea retreat is less than a 5-minute walk from Mojito restaurant in Dahab.

Dahab is small and most hotels and restaurants are located by the sea, so it is easy to walk. Besides diving, another benefit of visiting Dahab is cheap and delicious food. One of the reasons Dahab is so cheap is that almost all diving is done on land, where you can walk around with all your equipment from a dive shop just a few steps from the sea. Dive centers like Red Sea Relax Dahab only charge between 22 and 35 euros per case, so there’s no better reason to dive.

Faro, you can do shore diving directly from the center of Dahab (just a short walk from the Red Sea Relax Dahab dive center) Red Sea Relax Dahab doesn’t have all the points of the other two sites (except the very curious – wrasse – who often live here Napoleon), but the lighthouse has underwater sculptures of Poseidon and a giant elephant, which are easy to dive and perfect for ending a long day. The blue hole itself isn’t spectacular in terms of coral and wildlife, but one of the places where you dive in and say you’ve dived into a huge red sea blue hole. While the Blue Hole is a safe dive site, the Blue Hole is notorious due to the infamous arches known as the Arches, which connect the site to the open ocean.

The Blue Hole is one of the most famous dive sites in Dahab and is considered the deadliest dive site in the world. Dahab is also famous for one of the most famous and dangerous diving sites in the world, the Dahab Blue Hole. Dahab is the third largest diving destination in Egypt, after Sharm El Sheikh and Hurghada.

Snorkeling and diving can be arranged from anywhere in Dahab, with a wide selection of snorkeling and diving sites with some of the clearest sea waters in the world, the Red Sea diving experience is in high demand and attracts experienced and novice divers from around the world . Along with great diving, Desert Rose Resort is one of the best diving resorts in the Red Sea in Hurghada, offering a 5-star PADI diving center on site.

You won’t find the biggest of the best diving resorts in the Red Sea here, but there are small, quiet all-inclusive hotels like the Hilton Nubian Resort. All of these locations organize trips to numerous nearby diving and snorkeling sites. Many hotels or tourist shops offer diving, safaris and many other trips deep into Sinis.

Sharm also offers some amazing dive sites and most of the hotels organize diving and snorkelling. Sharm El Sheikh is a thriving tourist destination with beautiful beaches, vibrant nightlife and protected areas nearby offering beautiful coral and marine life. Sharm El Sheikh, located on the southern tip of the Sinai Peninsula, is a magnet for luxury diving and spa resorts, as well as local style diving enthusiasts.

Overlooking the Gulf of Aqaba, our luxurious South Sinai hotel is one of the best kitesurfing and windsurfing destinations in the world, as well as diving and snorkeling in the Red Sea. To the west, the breathtaking beauty and unparalleled tranquility of the Sahara desert give you the opportunity to experience the hospitality and unique culture of the Bedouin people who have called it home for thousands of years, while to the east of Egypt along the Red Sea and the Sinai Peninsula The long coastline also has a lot to offer travelers.

This coast has become a popular holiday destination with tourists as they convey the wonders of the Nile Valley to the calm blue waters of the Red Sea, white sand beaches and some of the most spectacular coral reefs teeming with marine life. Offshore, several coral islands and thousands of fish species make it ideal for snorkellers or those who like to dive in the Red Sea.

The canyon is one of the most beautiful diving spots in the Red Sea. Especially when there are no hordes of divers inside… [+]. Further north, in Dahab and Nuweiba, the atmosphere is more relaxed, but the beauty of the Red Sea is just as accessible. Further north, the atmosphere is more relaxed and less developed, with resorts offering more privacy a few miles from Dahab. On desert camel diving tours, divers travel to remote areas to the north and south of the city, such as Gabr el-Bint (a national park area) and Ras Abu Galum (a small Bedouin village).

Deep Blue Divers is a new dive center, but all the guides have been working here for many years. Deep Blue Divers “ I spent a week with the Deep Blue Divers crew and really enjoyed diving with them.

Shanna Small has visited many dive centers around the world and has already visited the city. You can dive on their reef without a guide, which is a must for most other dive sites around Dahab. The Nesima dive center has a fresh water pool, which is unusual for seaside towns. When you’re ready, the dive instructors will take you to some of the most beautiful dive sites in the city, such as the Blue Hole, the Lighthouse (right in the middle of the main promenade) and of course the impressive eel garden.

Beginning divers will appreciate the convenience of the on-site dive center and Lighthouse Reef, just a few steps from your door at the Dahab Divers Hotel & Dive Center. Trying to dive all the submerged spots of Dahab in one week would be next to impossible as there are so many attractions here, from coral reefs to the incredibly well-preserved SS Thistlegorm.

In Dahab we are mainly focused on diving – Sinai is known for excellent coastal diving and I will have a lot of posts soon. While most people probably only have time to see Egypt’s historical side, travelers arriving in Dahab will find deserted beaches, delicious food and some of the lowest diving prices they’ve ever encountered. Lack of tourists encourages local marine life and coral reefs to return to a great place; prices for accommodation and meals are the most affordable; with near-perfect year-round water temperatures, favorable wind conditions and mild winters, Dahab has been and still is is a secret paradise. An hour’s drive from Sharm El Sheikh, Dahab is vibrant, but also offers a carefree seaside vibe where visitors can relax and enjoy the many shades of blue in the waters.

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