Industrial building in Oslo

Found a nice video about industrial buildings. This is admittedly not in Oslo, but works well as an illustration all the same. The video is made by Johan Bojer high school Leksvik which has a Building and construction technology line.

So, after watching the nice industrial building video taken with the drone, it’s probably time to get to the point 🙂

Carlot Eiendom AS is a good customer of ours, so it is no more than fair and reasonable that we help Christer Eriksen find sellers of industrial buildings in and around Oslo. The last time I talked to him about this, he mentioned that they are interested in industrial buildings in Greater Oslo. Greater Oslo is in this case down to Arendal roughly in a south-westerly direction, and upwards towards Lillehammer roughly in a northerly direction.

Everything is of interest of course

It is not easy to find industrial buildings for sale obviously. It’s not that there are no overviews, but what Christer is looking for here are buildings that are not yet on the market. What condition the building is in, whether it is old or of more recent date is not so important. How the building can be renovated or upgraded can be found out together.

Do you know anyone who is thinking of selling an industrial building in the Oslo region?

In that case, I think Christer would be very happy if you told him that Carlot Eiendom AS is looking for such a building in or near Oslo. Do both Christer and your acquaintance or friend a favor! Tip that Carlot is interested in looking at the industrial building as soon as possible. Preferably traces! Yes, now! Immediately!

Commercial plots are also interesting

Another thing Christer told me they are looking for is a commercial plot in Oslo that is for sale or will be put up for sale. Typical commercial plots are those located in industrial areas, by highways and such. Suitable places for business simply. I would probably assume this is more about what the zoning plan in the area dictates. If it has been decided by the municipality that this area is a business area, then so be it.

Contact Christer Eriksen in Carlot Eiendom AS on tel .: +47 99 70 51 10 or send him an email at [email protected]

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