Land for sale in Dahab, Egypt

Egyptian house for sale – Dahab, 3+1+studio, 210 m2 of land, garden In Dahab, a paradise for divers, a quiet and safe part of Egypt, a brokerage offer to buy a house. Popular points of interest near the apartment with free WiFi include Seaview Divers, Big Blue Diving Center Dahab and Divers House. For those looking for serviced apartments in Dahab, Anyplace offers the best property in Dahab.

All of Dahab’s furnished Anyplace apartments offer easy access to luxury real estate at affordable prices. Your furnished apartment in Dahab will be ready for your move and, just like a hotel, will be equipped with everything you need for a comfortable stay. Dahab Furnished Apartments Find flexible monthly furnished apartments in Dahab. You can find RBO and other popular Airbnb-style properties on Dahab.

RentByOwner makes it easy and safe to find and compare Dahab vacation rentals, often 30-40% off hotel rates. If you don’t find an apartment you like in Dahab, you can always ask our visitors (whether individuals or real estate agents) to respond with their suggestions. OpenSooq serves real estate agents as well as individuals who want to sell their properties so you can find the perfect property for you. This can be achieved by signing an agreement with one of Dahab’s hotels, dive centers or studios, or even simply by advertising in the many Dahab Facebook groups.

You can find classes at Coral Coast and Fantasia Divers Dahab. Many expats and nomads living in Dahab also offer regular yoga classes that you can enjoy on the beach or overlooking the sea.

In addition to world-class diving, Dahab offers many other opportunities for outdoor activities. Its underwater scenery is full of life, and most dive sites can be reached from shore without a boat, making it ideal for swimming and snorkeling. Lack of tourists encourages local marine life and coral reefs to return to a great place; prices for accommodation and meals are the most affordable; with near-perfect year-round water temperatures, favorable wind conditions and mild winters, Dahab has been and still is is a secret paradise. From freediving to hiking to sunbathing, the many adventures Dahab offers make it an ideal place to quarantine during these difficult times, Zein said.

Located an hour from Sharm El Sheikh, Dahab is full of activity but also offers a carefree seaside atmosphere where visitors can simply relax and enjoy the many shades of blue in its waters. Dahab is anything but trendy, but it’s a special place for Sarah Campbell, and not just because it boasts the Blue Hole, a vertical rift of warm, clear water without currents in coral that is one of the best places in the world to live. apnea. The canyon is one of the most beautiful diving spots in the Red Sea. Especially when there is no horde of divers inside… [+]. One of the most famous sites in Dahab, the Blue Hole is considered the deadliest diving site in the world.

Once a quiet Bedouin fishing village in the Red Sea, Dahab has become one of the best diving spots in Egypt. Diving Dahab has some of the most beautiful underwater scenery in Africa and it is one of the best diving destinations where people come from all over the world. About Dahab Dahab is located on the southern coast of the Sinai Peninsula and has become known as one of the best diving sites in Egypt.

You can always tell so much about Dahab from the locals and you can make friends here who will help you get the most out of Dahab during your stay. One of the best things you will appreciate about Dahab, apart from the sandy beaches and great views, is the people. With our dedicated staff and exceptional knowledge of Dahab and its surroundings, you’ll get the most out of your holiday. Our guests can be sure of privacy and tranquility, which is difficult to find in large residential complexes and hotels in Dahab.

Dahab’s lodges range from boutique beachfront rooms to Bedouin family rooms, beach camps or lodges in the Sinai desert. The liveliest part of Dahab is the Faro area, where there are bars, restaurants and travel agencies. Visit the Bazaar Small shops and stalls in the heart of Dahab filled with Bedouin handicrafts, souvenirs, swimming/snorkeling and diving equipment, as well as traditional Dahab clothing offering what you can find in Dahab casual comfortable clothing. One of the best Egyptian-Italian restaurants in Dahab is Lakhbatita Ramez & PaolaRestaurant, as well as Dai Pascatori Dahab, which serves authentic Italian food on the beach.

Its vibrant multicultural community is made up of local Bedouins, Egyptians from mainland Egypt and foreign expats who have been fascinated by the beauty of Dahab and its accessibility to all the attractions of the Sinai Peninsula. Sea Sun Villa’s location is exceptional as it is the only residential complex built on the seafront in Dahab to date. Faro, a shore dive that you can do directly from the center of Dahab (and a short walk from the Red Sea Relax Dahab dive center) Red Sea Relax Dahab does not have all the points as the other two sites (with the exception of the very curious – wrasse -Napoleon who lives here regularly), but with underwater sculptures of Poseidon and a huge elephant, the Lighthouse is an easy dive, perfect for ending a long day.

Dive centers like Red Sea Relax Dahab charge as little as €22 to €35 per tank, so there has never been a better reason to dive in. This beautiful house is not located in the city center (distance 5 km), but in a private reserve directly opposite the Canyon dive site and a 15-minute walk from the famous Blue Hole dive site.

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