Industrial building in Oslo

So, after watching the nice industrial building video taken with the drone, it’s probably time to get to the point 🙂 Carlot Eiendom AS is a good customer of ours, so it is no more than fair and reasonable that we help Christer Eriksen find sellers of industrial buildings in and around Oslo. The last … Read more

How To Buy A Bored Ape

According to the description provided on the BAYC website, “BAYC is a set of 10,000 Bored Ape NFTs, unique digital collectibles that exist on the Ethereum blockchain. For the uninitiated, BAYC is a cartoon of 10,000 anthropomorphic monkeys A collection of cartoons with nice clothes and suspicious expressions. BAYC is a collection of 10,000 images … Read more

Target RedCard

people gathering in front of brown building during daytime

If you pay with a RedCard, you’ll get 5% off Target, but no extra rewards. The 5% discount also applies to Starbucks locations at Target stores, as well as various Targets subscription services. The 5% discount also applies to Starbucks purchases at Target stores. In addition to 5% off RedCard, look for 5% to 50% … Read more

A Hard Workout, Or Walk The Dogs?

Most dogs need to exercise longer, so consider the length and pace of your dog’s workouts. If your dog is constantly trying to start playing with you when you are trying to relax, he may need more exercise. Once your dog is able to walk, try changing the routine by jogging or running with him. … Read more

Dahab Egypt, Blue Hole

aerial photography of mountains

Advanced divers seeking one of the best diving experiences of their lives come to Dahab to visit Egypt’s most famous dive site, the Blue Hole. Famous for freediving in Egypt’s most famous dive site, easily accessible directly from shore, and without electricity, the Blue Hole has the highest number of diving casualties in the world, … Read more

Dahab Egypt, Diving Center

Three People Diving On Body Of Water

The Bedouin village of Dahab is a great dive site in the Red Sea and one of the oldest snorkeling sites in the world. Therefore, Dahab is famous for its diving and the Red Sea is one of the best diving sites with amazing marine life and vibrant corals. Dahab is known for diving off … Read more

Dahab Egypt, Sinai Peninsula

Woman in Hammock Under Beach Umbrella on the Beach

Dahab (dhb) is a city in Egypt located 85 km (53 mi) north of Sharm El Sheikh, on the Gulf of Aqaba, near the southern tip of the Sinai Peninsula. Dahab is located about 90 kilometers north of Sharm el-Sheikh, in the Gulf of Aqaba, at a depth of nearly 2,000 meters. The pearl of … Read more

Dahab Egypt, Stock Photos

shallow focus photography of camel

I have found quite a lot of freely available stock photos on Pixabay. Pexels is a nice stock photo website as well. They do have a very rigid publishing policy on Pixabay though, so I think Pexels is a better bet when it comes to selection and how many pictures are available. If you have … Read more

Dahab Egypt, Middle East

wood bench facing body of water

Along with eight other beaches in the MENA region, Dahab, Egypt was included in National Geographic’s “Best Beaches in the Middle East” list. About two weeks ago, National Geographic compiled a list of the best beaches in the Middle East, including a very special spot on the coast of Egypt, Dahab, and other places in … Read more

Dahab Egypt, Divers

man in black wet suit under water

A great place to brush up on your diving skills or start your courses, just a few steps from the main roads of Dahab in Egypt. Dahab is truly a place that is sure to appeal to all diving enthusiasts, from beginner to experienced diver. Most of the dive sites are simple which makes Dahab … Read more