Florida Vacations

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If you are looking for an absolute cannot-miss place to visit during your vacation, then one of these tried-and-true vacation destinations in Florida is worth considering. Whether staying in one of Floridas best family-friendly all-inclusive resorts or in budget hotels, Florida is a family-friendly favorite that offers an awesome mix of sunshine, sand, nature, and … Read more

Dahab Egypt, Best Places

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The dive site Canyon or “Canyon” may just be one of the most famous and popular places in Dahab in Egypt. Dahab in Egypt Egypt is famous for its scuba diving, with thousands of divers heading all year round (yes, Egypt is safe). The rich coral reefs of Dahab in Egypt are known to divers … Read more

Dahab Egypt, Red Sea

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If you want to dive into the Red Sea without an all-inclusive tour package, Dahab is the best place in Egypt. I came to Dahab almost exclusively for diving in the Red Sea and highly recommend the Red Sea Leisure Resort. Overlooking the bay, this charming 3-star Red Sea retreat is less than a 5-minute … Read more