Dahab Egypt, Diving Center

Three People Diving On Body Of Water

The Bedouin village of Dahab is a great dive site in the Red Sea and one of the oldest snorkeling sites in the world. Therefore, Dahab is famous for its diving and the Red Sea is one of the best diving sites with amazing marine life and vibrant corals. Dahab is known for diving off … Read more

Dahab Egypt, Divers

man in black wet suit under water

A great place to brush up on your diving skills or start your courses, just a few steps from the main roads of Dahab in Egypt. Dahab is truly a place that is sure to appeal to all diving enthusiasts, from beginner to experienced diver. Most of the dive sites are simple which makes Dahab … Read more

Dahab Egypt, Blue Lagoon

Rippling seawater reflecting pink evening sky

Blue Lagoon, Dahab Dahab; or as some people prefer to call it the “Secret Escape from Egypt” as it was one of the few places untouched by tourism (though not more) that remains one of the most relaxing, simple and wonderful places in Egypt. The blue lagoon of Dahab is not located next to any … Read more