Tokyo Japan Vacation Rentals

Owner Direct offers visitors an expansive website featuring an array of vacation home rentals, all easily booked directly with our owners. RentByOwner makes it easy and secure for you to search for and compare Tokyo vacation rentals, often with prices at 30-40% off hotel prices.

In addition to amenities found at hotels, vacation rentals usually also include kitchens and a washer. Vacation rentals encompass a broad spectrum of properties, ranging from modern apartments in the heart of Tokyo to traditional Machiya-style rowhouses in Kyoto to farm houses in the rural hinterlands of Japan.

Fortunately, 9flats has a range of holiday apartments in Tokyo that are a cheap alternative to expensive hotel rooms. In downtown, the suburbs, and close to the major airports of Tokyo, here’s a collection of great Tokyo vacation rentals and Airbnb-style apartments for your next visit. We picked some of the best hotels in the areas closest to Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo Disney Sea, but if you are looking for a bit more of a homey experience, rest assured that the area has a ton of Airbnb options, too.

Ideal for getting around Tokyo are vacation apartments in Sendagi, near Tokyo Metro, or in Nice Apt in Tokyo Yoyogi. 9flats holiday apartments in Tokyo are located in different areas in the city’s housing estates, giving every visitor an intimate view of life here and the opportunity to meet the locals.

Maison Philippe is ideally suited for a couple, but it is also suitable for up to three guests, and is airy, light-filled, and a great place to retreat to after a long day exploring Tokyo. This private villa is only a days drive away, making it a perfect getaway-style accommodation if you are traveling in a large group and would like to get away from the busy city’s energy for a short time.

Properties should advertise outside that they are operating as a holiday home and show their license plate. Local governments may lower this to restrict or limit the operations of vacation rentals to specific areas, or to specific times of week or year.

Below, we have listed down the incredible attractions you should certainly visit and experience while you are in Tokyo. When it comes to shopping, Tokyo offers an extensive choice, from high-end designer stores to its convenient flea markets. Parts of the city, such as Akihabara, are the playground of the technology and gadget-hungry looking for the latest electronics and toys.

Tokyo’s Sea Life Park houses sea creatures from every region of the world in their natural habitats, all set on the worlds oceans. The Tokyo Sea Life Park is a large aquarium that has many educational and interactive features for visitors and children.

The National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation is focused on the technological innovations in Tokyo. The capital city of Japan, the largest metropolis in the world, and a dynamic blend of ancient traditions and hyper-modern technologies, Tokyo is a very unique city. Every traveler has the desire to visit Tokyo, Japan once in his/her life, because Tokyo offers everything that one would like to see and do.

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