When Is The Best Time To Book Your Flight?

The best time to book your flights is between one to three months prior to your departure date for domestic flights, according to Scotts Cheap Flights, and between two and eight months before that for international flights. While the best time to book a flight is typically one to two months before departure for domestic travel, and eight months prior for international travel, there are a number of factors that can raise (or lower) an airlines ticket price. Other factors affecting the price include the destination, time of year you are traveling, and how far ahead of time you are allowed to reserve some flights tickets. In general, booking far ahead is best when it comes to international flights, but prices are highly influenced by destination as well.

Since airlines pricing algorithms are constantly changing, you will want to research flights as far ahead as you can, but there are a few general guidelines for how far ahead of time you should try to book. You can also keep an eye on the prices of flights, and how they fluctuate in recent months, to help you make decisions on whether to book now or later. The details compiled here would direct you towards the “Do flights drop in price Tuesday” and “cheapest days” wherein you might be able to score a cheaper deal during a few casual times and avail good airline services. While there is no magical date or time which is guaranteed to give you the best flight prices, these tips will assist in scoring the best deals.

Do not assume that you are getting the best price for a flight simply because you are booking it Tuesday night. You may think booking as far ahead in time as you can – a year, for example – may not guarantee you a better deal. That is because you might book the flights at the days, times, and seasons that could ensure that you will save. As a general rule, you will want to book plane tickets far in advance of your travel, because prices will skyrocket the days leading up to a flight, taking advantage of any last-minute travelers that do not have much of a choice but to shell out.

Ultimately, you will want to book your domestic award travel between six months and two weeks before you go. In general, you will want to try and book domestic award flight itineraries one to four months ahead of travel dates. In some cases, you may only need to book in just a couple of weeks in advance (a fall domestic flight), whereas in others, you are better off booking months ahead of time (such as for trips during major travel holidays, when demand is higher). You can book international flights nearly a year ahead, so as soon as you know you are going to travel internationally, book ASAP.

Go over three months ahead of time when booking your tickets for an international flight to make sure you are getting the best rate. For 2020 international travel, Skyscanner suggests holding off booking until up to two weeks before you fly. The latest Skyscanner report aligns with Pricesline data from 2019, showing the sweet spot for booking flights is three weeks ahead. In Expedias 2019 travel pricing forecast, data shows the best time to book flights is three weeks in advance of travel.

If you are traveling domestically, Rick Seeney, CEO and co-founder of the online search site FareCompare, believes that the best days to book flights are about three months before you leave, up to three to four weeks ahead. Tuesday may be the cheapest day to book flights, but people may also want to search for alternate weekdays to find cheaper rates. International flights are best booked during the weekdays as well, but domestic flights are the cheapest on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays.

Flight tickets are nearly $70-$73 cheaper on Tuesdays or Wednesdays, as compared to alternate days, according to various available info. The best times to book are not completely predictive, but you can use the data to strategize about getting flights at the absolute lowest price. Booking budget flights on vacation sometimes seems like a daunting task, but with GOBankingRates you are most likely going to be able to score the cheapest tickets on vacation. GOBankingRates has also broken down the best days to buy airline tickets, as well as the best ways to time the purchase of a plane ticket.

We explained in the past why Tuesday is the best day to shop for airline tickets — because many airlines post their weekly sales early on Tuesday, and that then drives competing airlines to match prices — so Tuesday is the best day to find lots of deals. It can be baffling trying to keep up with air travel predictions about the best days and times to book flights, so as a general rule, AirHelp suggests if you are browsing online and come across a deal that has you jumping up and down with excitement – provided you did your due diligence – no matter which day of the week, it might be best to grab it, since prices might not drop any further.

It can be fun looking at flights, and perhaps impulsively buying one, when you are sitting at work during the week, but you can save yourself a nice chunk of money waiting until the weekend to purchase a flight. That said, you are not likely to save much by waiting for prices on international flights to come down; you should feel comfortable booking as soon as you find a reasonable price. If a flight is an emergency, the luxury of booking early and saving is usually lost, while booking your vacation flights months in advance gives you plenty of time to shop around for the best deals available at that specific point in time. When it comes to the length of time until travel you should book a ticket, there is not one ideal moment (i.e., 60 days exactly prior to the flight), but rather, an ideal window or period, like mentioned earlier, within which you should be researching flights and eventually comiting to them before prices begin rising.

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