Dahab Egypt, Coral Coast

Located in the northern part of Dahab, in Eel Garden, about 5 minutes walk from the main beach. A place for snorkeling in the city center, just a few minutes walk from the waterfront of Dahab. The Reef of the Islands is a 30-minute walk from the city center, just north of the Lighthouse Reef. The island reef is a coral labyrinth with a wide variety of Red Sea corals.

Here you can often see a wide variety of corals and fish, turtles and blue spotted rays. Here we saw huge gray rays, turtles, eagle rays, eels and almost every type of Red Sea fish, as well as bright, healthy corals, including soft corals. The corals here are also beautiful, with a wide variety of soft and hard corals and various types of reef fish.

A very popular place among divers and snorkelers. This shallow reef wall offers a wide variety of corals and fish. In Dahab, you can experience the local atmosphere, make friends with the Bedouins, and discover the amazing sea creatures of the Red Sea. Once a Bedouin fishing village, Dahab is today considered one of the most popular diving destinations in Egypt.

Masbat (in Dahab) is a popular diving destination and there are many (over 50) dive centers located in Dahab. South of Masbat is Mashraba, which is more touristy and has more hotels. The Kanun region is one of the best diving areas in Al-Asala, a region in which approximately 75% of the city’s population is divided into three districts (Mubarak City, Zarnuk, Al-Asala), Coral Island and the remains of the historic crusader-built fortress, Al- Mellil, a street parallel to the coast road, containing several small hotels, cafes, and Al-Asala houses. The main area of ​​the city starts from Al-Fanar Street and then Masbat (within Dahab).

HotelsCombined members who visit Dahab are often looking for affordable pool hotels. In recent years, the development of hotels in the medina area has encouraged the arrival of a wider range of tourists, many of whom come to Dahab exclusively for activities such as surfing, windsurfing, diving, kitesurfing, sailing and more. Most of the people who visited Dahab in the past were tourists interested in diving and snorkeling in the Red Sea.

To find out which are the best snorkeling spots in Dahab, read this guide where we present the best spots in sequence. Gabr el Bint is less visited, but is one of the most attractive snorkeling spots in Dahab.

Fantastic location right on the seafront, a short walk along the promenade from the main center of Dahab but far enough from the main street to feel a little private. Just 5 minutes from the Delta East bus station where all public buses arrive. Rideshare apps and taxis are often the most convenient way to get around when visiting Dahab.

One of the amenities you can get is a no-smoking policy. We also highly recommend the dive center attached to the hotel, highly professional but at the same time relaxed and friendly, which sums up this place. Coral Coast also has a massage parlour, a yoga room with weekly yoga classes, and a swimming pool where you can relax and escape the heat. The hotel has rooms that provide guests with comfortable and authentic accommodation while traveling.

The Coral Coast Hotel also hosts training courses and awareness workshops as part of the Desert Eco Guide training courses presented in Sinai by The Travel Foundation. In addition to our active activities, the Coral Coast Hotel is the perfect venue for wellness programs such as yoga and pilates classes, as well as meditation and research workshops. Offering attractive and comfortable accommodations at affordable rates, as well as holiday packages such as Coral Coast Hotel’s famous Dive Dahab holiday, yoga vacations and retreats, and our classic tours and desert safari excursions. Discover Sinai and Egypt with tours tailored to suit every need and time slot.

Coral Coast is a local hotel operated by Embah Safari Company, which guarantees high quality service in all hotel properties and excellent customer service. Coral Coast Hotel is located on its own private beach in Dahab. It features an outdoor pool, cushioned deck chairs and a fully equipped Fantasea Divers.

When staying at the Coral Coast Hotel, you should be prepared to pay around $59 per night, which is considered a good deal in Dahab for a 3-star hotel. Nightly rates at the Coral Coast Hotel are typically 33% lower than the average 3-star hotel in Dahab. Scuba diving, freediving and snorkelling are also popular activities, as many coral reefs are in close proximity to coastal hotels.

Lighthouse Reef is one of the most popular snorkeling spots in Dahab due to its easy access to the beach and vibrant corals. The Blue Hole is the most visited of all dive sites in Dahab. This deep dive site can be reached via the bells as the currents always flow from north to south. Three giant peaks have grown together, forming valleys and lagoons.

Another major problem is that in Masbat (in Dahab), local restaurants dump sand and rocks into the sea to expand the coastline, again causing damage to the local reefs. We can only swim in shallow water where the corals are not as pretty and the fish population is less than other snorkeling spots in Dahab.

We love swimming with the dugongs in Marsa Alam and discovering the vibrant coral reefs of Sharm El Sheikh, but Dahab offers an atmosphere that no other city has. Today Dahab lives up to all expectations and you will find international hotel chains with 5 star resorts and excellent guest houses.

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