Dahab Egypt, Diving Center

The Bedouin village of Dahab is a great dive site in the Red Sea and one of the oldest snorkeling sites in the world. Therefore, Dahab is famous for its diving and the Red Sea is one of the best diving sites with amazing marine life and vibrant corals.

Dahab is known for diving off the coast of Dahab at dive sites such as the Blue Hole and the Canyon, which means diving is mostly available with 4×4 vehicles. A little further from Dahab are some of the best dive sites in Dahab and two of my favorite dive sites, Blue Hole and Canyon, which offer a little more challenge for those with the appropriate training (but also fun dives for divers. Others). Dahab offers great diving opportunities and is world famous for the Dahab Blue Hole dive site.

Dahab in Egypt Egypt is famous for its scuba diving, with thousands of divers heading all year round (yes, Egypt is safe). Dahab is truly a place that is sure to appeal to all diving enthusiasts, from beginner to experienced diver. A great place to brush up on your diving skills or start your courses, just a few steps from the main roads of Dahab in Egypt. One of the reasons Dahab is so cheap is because almost all dives are done from land where you literally walk around with all your gear from a dive shop steps away from the sea.

The dive shops in Dahab can easily arrange day trips for you and they usually work in partnership with the shops in Sharm El Sheikh. Okay, this is a little rough – sorry, I love rhymes – but if you take into account the general atmosphere, Dahab is where I will spend most of my travels in the future, with a few days in Sharm El Sheikh to enjoy the variety existing dive sites. While most people may only have time to see Egypt’s historical side, travelers arriving in Dahab will see deserted beaches, delicious food, and the lowest diving prices they’ve ever come across. Diving in Dahab is as calm as the city itself: you don’t get up at dawn to transfer to a boat and then a 2-hour boat trip; many dives here start within walking distance of the dive center.

When you’re ready, the dive instructors will take you to some of the most beautiful dive sites in the city, such as the Blue Hole, the Lighthouse (right in the middle of the main promenade) and of course the impressive eel garden. You can dive on their reef without a guide, which is a must for most other dive sites around the city. Dive into the reefs of Dahab around us, or if you have a technical certificate, you can dive into the Blue Hole Arch (Nitrox and Trimix gas) and other deep spots easily accessible from the center.

This is an excellent dive spot for all divers with beautiful coral and reef life, but deep sea and technical divers from all over the world come to Dahab to dive under the blue hole arches. If you like underwater macro photography, this is the best place. This dive site has an average depth of 30m/100ft and visibility around 30m/100ft, making it suitable for divers of all experience levels.

The dive consists of sand slopes and coral blocks and can be done as a reverse loop at the entrance or as a drift dive. Another fantastic diving spot in Dahab is called the Canyon and is a kind of underwater tube that goes down to a depth of 30 meters. There are dive sites of different depths and profiles; from shallow reefs with colorful coral gardens and small creatures like ghost fish, seahorses, Spanish dancers and nudibranchs, to stunning cliffs, caves and deep canyons.

What better way to learn scuba diving and take a PADI diving course than in Dahab’s famous coral reefs and the clear, warm waters of the Red Sea. If you are not a diver, the pleasant climate and good diving conditions are a great opportunity to learn the basics of scuba diving in the Red Sea. Dive into the Red Sea with the professional and passionate team of Divemasters and Instructors at Poseidon Divers.

Whether you need help with buoyancy, photography, fish identification or anything else related to diving, all of our staff will give you advice and guidance. I recommend scuba diving insurance as they offer worldwide coverage and are focused on providing divers with quality insurance and medical care. If you’re planning an upcoming diving trip or trip to Dahab, it’s a really good idea to invest in scuba diving insurance because you never know what might happen or when you might need it (because accidents happen!).

PERSONALIZED SERVICES PROVIDED – It’s your dive and we will do our best to provide a personalized dive package guaranteed to meet your needs and desires. Liquid Adventures Dahab offers a homely atmosphere where people who come to dive in Dahab can join us at the counter and mingle freely with staff and other customers. The dive center in a cozy hotel offers divers everything they need for safe, comfortable and FUN diving with a dedicated team of divers.

Dahab is one of the most popular diving destinations in the world and the family-run Shams Hotel and Dive Center caters to all your diving and entertainment needs. Although there is no accommodation on site, several local hotels can be negotiated through Elite Diving, and Dahab, a very quiet resort 80km north of Sharm El Sheikh, has plenty of options for travelers who want luxury in 5 stars or those on a more limited budget. Dahab offers easy shore diving, an abundance of corals and fish just steps from your descent, but also provides plenty of depth for all levels.

Dahab, on the other hand, has great reef diving, but is best known for interesting underwater topography and shore diving. I think there are boat diving options like the Gabr el Bint sites that I can’t wait to explore in the future. . The kilometer long coral reef in front of Dahab with its 30 dive sites is an ideal place for divers of all levels. In the 1980s and 1990s, the city of Dahab evolved from a place for hippies and outcasts to a well-developed diving destination with a well-functioning infrastructure. The Bedouin village of Dahab is a charming town, and in addition to the amazing snorkeling and diving experiences you’ll find there, you can also go on desert trekking, camel rides, and visit charming open-air Bedouin markets.

The Nesima dive center has a fresh water pool, which is unusual for seaside towns. You can stay with them or they will pick you up from your hotel and look after the kids while you dive.

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