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Dahab is the perfect combination of an intoxicating exotic setting and a familiar, soothing rhythm. The only thing that really broke my heart in Dahab was the same thing that broke my heart in all of Egypt: the absolutely appalling garbage crisis. Unlike the rest of Egypt, it’s clear that at least someone in Dahab knows better.

Dahab is one of the best places in the world to learn kitesurfing and windsurfing. Dahab is one of those special places that I not only enjoyed visiting, in fact, I had an idea to stay for a while. First of all, Dahab is one of the friendliest and most hospitable places on earth. Dahab is not a hidden gem – it is well known as one of the few places in Egypt where true independent travelers live.

Take a short camel tour to Wadi el-Toalat and narrow canyons for panoramic views of Dahab. On a calm day (which shouldn’t be windy), rent a kayak and paddle across the Red Sea and see Dahab in all its glory, with mountains in the background and water ahead. On some days in Dahab, you can even see dogs kayaking. Watch the sunrise over the Red Sea. You can see thousands of stars from anywhere in Dahab, but if you go to the mountains and stay away from the city lights, you will really be mesmerized by the beauty of the stars.

I have compiled this list of things to do in Dahab so that people come to Dahab on the Red Sea and help you have a good time. If you can do sports in the desert or at sea, there may be someone in Dahab who would like to help you with this. When I inevitably return, I would like to be more actively involved in preserving the beauty of Dahab. Our main goal in Dahab was to dive – the Sinai Peninsula is famous for excellent coastal diving and I will have many posts soon.

That’s why I fell in love with the bohemian Bedouin beach town of Dahab, tucked away in a quiet corner of the Sinai Peninsula. A new friend of mine in Dahab – one of the places you make friends quickly – told me that the city is becoming a weekend getaway for trendy Cairo residents. Everything is treated with courtesy: where we come from, we love Dahab, what people think we are from Egypt. After Sharm El Sheikh didn’t really cheer up (as expected), it was nice to end our time in Egypt falling in love with Dahab (as expected).

According to local legend, this fact gave Dahab its current name (adahaba means Agorda in Arabic). Dahab is one of the most popular freediving destinations (the famous Blue Hole) because of the lack of electricity and the accessibility from the shore. Dive into the mysterious caves south of Dahab, then relax at the cave camp.

Everyday Café will serve you delicious cakes, sit on a swing and enjoy the view of Dahab, and live music in a cool atmosphere every night. So every time you charge your phone, you’ll remember the good times you spent at the Dahab Lighthouse Underwater Museum.

To date, the group has provided comprehensive services to a number of major development companies, including Pyramids Real Estate Investments, Doja Real Estate Development Company, Dahab Urban Development Company, ERG Real Estate Development Company and SV Real Estate Development Company. IDEA Management and Marketing Services Group announced on Saturday a new expansion plan to serve more than 15 real estate companies in Egypt.

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